NishMan 2 Phase Beard & Hair Conditioner 400ml


The NISHMAN detangling leave-in conditioner repairs dry damaged hair, maintains moisture, shine and smoothness.
The immediately noticeable results: supple, shiny, easy-care hair full of vitality. The keratin formula rebuilds the outer layer of the hair structure. Specially developed for dry and damaged hair. KERATIN: Waterproof protein, rich in sulfur, that is essential part of the capillary fiber, hair and nails. Keratin, compared with other proteins has an elevated proportion of cysteine, that has a great bond for the hair. Restores the capillary fiber, nourishing the hair and leaving a great look, from roots to tips.

Shake well before use. Spray into damp hair and brush thoroughly. Do not rinse out! Can also be sprayed into dry hair for shine and care. Suitable for everyday use.

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