NishMan Shampoo Inca Inchi 1250ml


With its special salt-free, sulfate-free formula, Nishman Sulphate Free Shampoo prevents the hair from wearing out, and eliminates flaking, brittle, lifeless hair. It helps sensitive and heavily processed hair to gain a brighter and stronger appearance.

Enriched with Inca pearl oil, Nishman Sulfate Free Shampoo has been specially developed to create flawless hair. With its sulfate, paraben, artificial dye, silicone and salt-free structure, it does not tire or damage the hair.

  • Cleans colored hair gently and effectively.
  • Locks color pigments in colored hair.
  • Helps to preserve the vividness of the color.
  • Protects the hair structure from the inside out.

Apply to damp hair by gently massaging. Wait around 1 – 2 minutes and proceed to rinsing. Repeat if necessary. Complete your daily care with Nishman Silicone and paraben-free conditioner.

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